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February 22, 2011

ACU Deployment Wreath

ACU fabric-I used 2 uniforms but you can use one. Using two uniforms make the wreath full, one will do the job it just wont look as full but will still look GREAT!
Using your Pinking Sheers, cut your fabric into 2ish inch squarish pieces.
You don’t need to be exact, just try to make them about the same size and shape. * if you don't pinking shears they sell them at the Arts & Craft store here on Post[WETZEL]or the the PX they're a little pricey $25.00
 the squares should look something like this :)
• Styrofoam Wreath Form
• Approximately 1 yard of assorted fabric
• Pinking Sheers
• 1 pencil or other object with a blunt point
• Other decorative ribbons, medals, name tapes, flags to dress up the wreath
Now the fun begins. Take one piece at a time and use your pencil to poke the square into the Styrofoam

push into stryofaom, not too hard a gentle push will do

Repeat this process 
if using one uniform do not push the pieces so close together but don't leave a gap
Keep going, one square at a time. Filling in and avoiding any bare spots. FYI-I used two uniforms on this wreath so it is very full....if your using one uniform it won't turn out like this one but will still look great!

finished wreath! you did it :)
 time to decorate...I used a US ARMY MEDAL and yellow ribbon for center of wreath
adding name tapes to each side and little yellow ribbons all around
*for the hanging handle, I just used a strip of the ACU and hot glued it on*



Anonymous said...

cute! i have to do this for my front door in honor of my deployed soldier! thanks for the idea!

Anonymous said...

Does it stay together if its windy outside? Or should I put glue with each square....Im afraid it will fall apart

Jessica said...

Thank you for sharing!
Your wreath looks great!!

Cassidy said...

I love this idea!! I was looking at some online and they were like 55 by the time it was all said and done. I have an old uniform of my hubby's that I am going to try this with!!

Anonymous said...

What do you mean by 2 uniforms? - 2 pants and 2 tops?? CUTE!

Amber said...

I was wondering the same thing...if it would stay together well or if I should glue?? Super cute...I can't wait to get my Multicam fabric I just ordered and make my own!!

missy eppler said...

I LOVE this wreath! You are so talented!

Cari said...

Cute thanks for posting, this is how mine turned out http://carishoemaker.blogspot.com/2011/11/ohhhh-christmas-tree-and-abu-wreath.html

Rachel Adams said...

I am going to make this once I finish my acu stockings. I got the pinking shears for 8.99 at joanne fabrics and used then used my 40% off coupon. I was shocked how expensive the scissors were. I can't wait to do this.

Anonymous said...

I did this and it came out great! I used fabric so I'm not sure how many uniforms it would be...probably two jackets? Maybe a pair of pants also. I also glued the squares in with a hot glue gun so they stayed secure. Also we used 3 by 3 inch squares because the 2 by 2 inch looked to small. :)

Anonymous said...

Could you use a hanger in the shape of a circle and tie the fabric around?

Brie said...

I love this idea and want to surprise my soldier, but obviously I can't steal one of his uniforms without him knowing. I'm gonna get some fabric from the store and use that instead, but wasn't sure if I can order the name badges or what? I'm new to the military wife job, so wasn't sure if anyone could help! Thanks!

Mya said...

Brie-You can pick up old uniforms at the thrift store on your base-every military post should have one. And if your stationed stateside there are Army surplus stores usually close to post. Good luck!

Mary mjvest91@live.com said...

Do you put the patches on the side of the foam too? Thanks!

sandbox1964 said...

Super idea! I would like to do this for my son's welcome home party when he returns from deployment later this summer. Where can I find an army medal and name badges?
Thanks so much for sharing this idea!

Anonymous said...

nametapes.com 1800nametapes.com should get you anything you could possibly need to make this personalized from occupation badges to medals and name tapes. i used one abu top on a medium sized foam form and used the cuff and pocket flap as a hanger. i got the abu top and stripes for free at the airmans' attic on base. making this really affordable it also only took me a few hours to finish. i am really excited to send it to my retiring mentor. direct link: http://www.militaryuniformsupply.com/name-tapes-and-tags

Mrs. Davis said...

That would probably work, it would give it a different look but still be very cute! Unique also

Katie Hadsell said...

I have a 14 inch wreath. Anyone know if I would need one set of jacket and pants or 2 full sets?

Katie Hadsell said...

Also how does the back look? Did you put the squares around the whole thing or just in the inside and outside of the wreath? Sorry for all the questions.